Judah Ribiat

Judah Ribiat

President & CEO

Judah has been involved in the healthcare industry since 1988 and began focusing on the Medicaid eligibility process in 2009 after the tighter and more  severe restrictions were imposed by the State.

Judah is a community activist and a member of the Lakewood Board of Adjustments for the past 6 years.

In Judah's own words; “I love to help people out! I am so grateful to be in a business that allows me to help others to secure their wellbeing.”


Goldie Ribiat

Goldie Ribiat

Senior Medicaid Specialist

With a degree in business administration and a member of the phi theta kappa community, Goldie brings a business acumen enabling her to understand the most difficult financials of our client families.

Goldie was the executive assistant to the Senior Counsel of the NY department of Madison Title for 2 years prior to moving into the healthcare industry. She has been a proud member and valuable asset to the Apros team since 2011.

Shiffy Friedman - Application Pros, Lakewood

Shiffy Friedman

Senior Medicaid Facilitator

Shiffy joined the apros team in 2013 and has quickly become an integral member of our team. Her experience as a senior customer service rep and medical biller gives her the know how to accomplish the most tedious tasks with grace.

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