Acheiving Medicaid Eligibility


Medicaid is a federal program administered by the state to pay for the care of those eligible. In New Jersey, Medicaid is county driven, which means that you must apply in the county in which you reside. There are procedural differences between each county as well. Application Pros has experience throughout the state and can assist you with the various nuances of each county. Our extensive knowledge in Medicaid law and procedure will help eliminate the stress that accompanies the difficult Medicaid application process.

In many cases a married patient will need services while his/her spouse can remain independent in the community. Though the spousal impoverishment provision of the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 requires that the resources of both members be counted towards the countable resources to establish Medicaid eligibility, there is a formula that is used to calculate an amount to be exempt from the spend down. In addition to the division of assets, Medicaid may allow for a spousal waiver for income exemption for the continued living expenses of the spouse still residing in the community.

Application Pros has gained a reputation of integrity and professionalism and has earned the respect in the industry as the “can do” company. As advocates for New Jersey seniors, we have developed relationships with the New Jersey Board of Social Services and are able to smooth out many complex cases and help our clients obtain Medicaid eligibility.

The New Jersey Medicaid application process is difficult and tenuous. Because of the many requirements and constantly changing laws, it is important to make sure the process is handled properly to ensure Medicaid benefits.

Our staff will handle all aspects of the Medicaid application process including the financial requirements for Medicaid which is currently a five year look back. A thorough evaluation of the financial portfolio is done immediately and the family is advised on the best possible method of spend down. We will counsel you on all aspects to help you preserve your assets, and help you understand the Medicaid spend down so that eligibility can be attained. Most importantly, this will allow you to care for your loved ones while balancing your own needs and obligations.

At Application Pros we will go above and beyond the actual realm of what is Medicaid. While seniors are planning for the eventual need of Medicaid, steps must be taken to avoid a complication in the future. We want to make sure that the maximum assets can be preserved as well as income when there is a spouse. A recommendation is made when the applicant qualifies for VA benefits. Each applicant is urged to consider a pre-paid funeral to avoid a Medicaid burial. The spend down is tailored to the specific needs of the applicant. Working towards Medicaid is as much a sensitive area as it is complex. Each application is handled in a delicate manner to preserve the respect and dignity of the applicant and the applicant’s family.

What You Need To Know:

  • Look back period of 5 years
  • Asset restrictions
  • Income level requirements
  • Benefits for Community as well as Institutional
  • Spend down process
  • Joint assets (what you can keep)
  • Secondary insurance (when allowed)
  • Handle correspondence during application process
  • Benefits for community Medicaid
  • Benefits for institutional Medicaid
  • Assisted Living and Nursing Home

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