What Is Medicaid? 
Federally funded medical insurance for those who are middle to low income, the elderly or disabled.
What Will Medicaid Pay For?
Medicaid will pay for all health related issues such as doctors, hospital stay, nursing homes etc.
Who Can Apply For Medicaid?
Anyone fitting the Medicaid criteria. There are a lot of different and confusing laws, hence we provide this service. We can save you weeks of time, and possibly save $100,000 or more in nursing home costs. We help protect your assets from Medicaid spend down.
Why Can’t I Apply Myself?
You can, but you will be navigating mounds of paperwork, and very well might not get the benefits you deserve. We have a specially trained staff that gets monthly updates on Medicaid rules and eligibility. We also have a team of expert advisors such as attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, insurance advisors and social workers.