Application Pros, LLC is a Medicaid consulting agency specializing in the New Jersey Medicaid application process.  Our goal is to relieve the applicant of the enormous burden required to fulfill Medicaid’s conditions for eligibility.

We pride ourselves in understanding the needs and sensitivities of a family caring for their loved ones. Our staff is carefully selected and trained to care for the needs of the applicant and his/her family.

We are here for you to make this Medicaid application process smooth and stress free. Our experience and relationships with the Medicaid Board of Social Services throughout New Jersey will enable us to smoothly handle any complications that arise.

The Medicaid application process is often a daunting and overwhelming challenge for applicants and their families. The risk of failure will have serious financial repercussions on the applicant and those who are invested in their care.

The decision to secure a long term care option for your loved one, is not an easy one and is often fraught with emotional and practical challenges and hurdles.

The additional stress associated with the Medicaid application is the last thing you should have to worry about and we are here to help divest you of that burden.

Application Pros is your solution for expedited Medicaid eligibility. Many hundreds of Medicaid applicants and their families have entrusted us with the task of securing Medicaid eligibility, so as to secure their financial future.

We invite you to join our list of hundreds of satisfied customers and we promise you nothing short of a stellar and rewarding experience!

Application Pros has a well deserved reputation for handling the most difficult Medicaid cases with ease and efficiency! Our talented team of professionals will handle the entire process from start to finish!

Our team of Medicaid specialists will anticipate contingencies well in advance and will pro-actively advise and guide you from the start, to familiarize you with the application process. Next, they will handle everything for you, so that you can continue living life your way!


We are problem solvers. We don't get overwhelmed, we get things done! Quickly. Efficiently.

We are available to discuss your case and the status of your pending application at any time! Needs some reassurance? An update, perhaps? Give us a call, we are standing by!

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